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Other Activities

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Teacher and Lecturer

Abraham Padilla is an active lecturer and teacher in Perú and abroad. He has given important lectures at University of Salamanca, the Museu de la Música de Barcelona, in Spain, the Universidad de Chile, in Chile, in Argentina, and many other prestigious institutions. He also gives classes at various universities in Perú, as the National University of Music, the School of Architecture, Urbanism and Arts of the National University of Engineering and the Institue of Arts of the University of San Martín de Porres. He also travels a lot to the interior cities of Perú giving master classes and seminars. Two promotions of students has honored him giving his name to them. He has been Director of the Direction of Music of the Major National Univertisy of San Marcos and has given classes in several universites over the years.

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Cultural Management

In order to achieve his goals to raise the musical level in the students and the public of Perú, maestro Padilla has worked very hard in cultural management, organizing International Music Festivals, Academic and Educational Concerts, apearences in media and many other activities. He has produced several interchanges between musicians from Perú and from other countries of América and Europe.

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Recording Producer and Sound Engineer

Owner of his own recording studio and Manager of the recording label Discográfica Intercultural Americana Abraham Padilla has produced discs in Perú and Chile. He is THE specialist on record and sound reinforcement of symphonic orchestras and chamber music in Perú. His credits includes the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, the National Symphony Orchestra of Perú, the Orchestra of the City of Kings, the National Chorus of Perú, the National Children´s Chorus of Perú, the National Young Symphony Orchestra of Perú, the Symphonic Band of the Peruvian Navy, the Symphonic Band of the Peruvian Air Force, the Symphonic Orchestra of Trujillo, the Symphonic Orchestra of Arequipa, the Symphonic Orchestra of Piura, the Chorus of the Major National University of San Marcos, among many others. He has acompanied the National Music groups of Perú on tour across the country and also has been sound reinforcement engineer for the group "Mistura", on tour in Mexico. He has recorded music for film in Spain and produced several recordings of POP music.

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Project Escuela Virtual (Virtual School)

As part of his activities of divulgation of knowledge and attitudes towards music maestro Padilla has created the project Virtual School. In short videos he explains important matters for his students that could also be useful for everyone. The videos are in spanish.

Virtual School 001. Music and Architecture course.

Virtual School 002. Bach's French Suite N° 2 and Tonal Symmetry Arch.

Virtual School 003. Prelude and Promenade Architectural.

Virtual School 004. Looking for excellence in ensemble musical work.

Virtual School 005. Presentation of the Antec Magazine of the National University of Music of Peru.

Virtual School 006. Conversation between Abraham Padilla and Carlos Vela on Music Education and Kodaly System.

Virtual School 007. Human communication : Four indispensable conditions.

Virtual School 008. Human communication : Four key features.